Keeping Your Ice Crystal Clear
B&P Ice Machines proudly serves the Middle Tennessee area. For more information, please call the office at 615-254-5346.



Being family owned means that we grew up in the business. Our service technicians have been working on ice machines for most of their lives, and can fix just about anything. With 8 fully-stocked trucks in our service fleet, we are equipped with the tools to get you back up and running. 

Here's how it works

  • To place a service call, use the form to the right or call into the office at 615-254-5346. We will log your request in the call book, and dispatch a technician as soon as possible.

  • Upon arrival, we will diagnose the machine and fix it. If you would like an estimate prior to repair, please specify. If you choose not to fix the machine after it has been estimated, there will be a diagnostic fee. Sorry, we do not give free estimates.

  • After the machine is repaired, the service technician will total out your ticket. For new customers and customers without an open account, the total at the bottom of the invoice is due at the time of service. Open account customers will be mailed an invoice. 

  • Invoices may be paid with cash, check, or credit card.

We will service Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman, and most Manitowoc machines. Unfortunately, we do not service Hoshizaki machines. If you have any questions, please call into the office! 

At Your Service


Ice machines require proactive maintenance to keep your ice clear and clean. Scale and calcium buildup can not only cause your ice to taste different, but also lead to machine damage. Regular cleaning will remove the mold and slime that develops, keeping your ice safe for consumption. 

To schedule a cleaning, please use the form to the right or call into the office at 615-254-5346.


Save Us a Trip, Save Yourself Some Money

If you are able to bring your broken equipment to us, we will repair it in house, saving you the travel time! Just bring it by anytime between 7AM and 4PM, Monday through Friday. Our guys will unload the machine and get to work!

If you have any questions, please contact the office at 615-254-5346.

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